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Artistic Director

SHIYA LU is a Sydney-based theatre producer and director. Since withdrawing from a Mathematics degree from the University of Oxford, Shiya has worked in the arts around Europe and Asia. A recent AFTT (Academy of Film, Theatre and Television) graduate, Shiya is currently studying Theatre Studies and Visual Arts at the University of Sydney. She has collaborated with artists all from backgrounds including Shaun Parker, Ergao Dance and at the Ibsen International, Helsinki, Exit, Shanghai International and Edinburgh International festivals. Shiya is a member of the European Festival Association’s Festival Academy and writes various English and Chinese language publications.

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Artistic Advisor

FABRIZIO MASSINI is a Performing arts producer, Curator and Dramaturg. Artistic Director at Ibsen International (Norway) where he curates and manages the Ibsen in China program.  Guest lecturer at institutions including the Danish National School of Performing Arts, National Theatre Company of China, Shanghai Theatre Academy and others. Fabrizio collaborated with several European and Chinese organizations including Beijing Fringe Festival, Wuzhen Theatre Festival, Guangzhou Dance Festival, Odin Teatret (Denmark), Centrale Fies (Italy).



SELENA LU is a Shanghai-based theatre maker and researcher. Co-founder of _ao_ao_ing Ensemble. Trained with psychological imaginations, Selena aspires to use theatre-making process as a means for self- discovery, community building, social documentation, and all possibilities of real-time changes. Selena received her BA in Politics, Psychology and Sociology from Cambridge University and MFA in Theatre Directing from East 15 Acting School, London. Her works have been presented at Helsinki Festival, Shanghai K11 Chi Gallery, WuZhen Theatre Festival, Shanghai McaM and Beijing Penghao Theatre.